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WasteFinder™ combines solid waste and hazardous waste management in one app system.

Manage Hazardous Waste:

  • Easy to use desktop administration to manage data and inspections
  • Use tablets and smartphones to inspect, report and monitor data
  • Data collection by on-screen drop-down menus to ease inspectors job
  • Add notes and take pictures to document inspections
  • Monitor and Track Hazardous Waste Containers and Storage Areas
  • Manage Hazardous Waste Pickup and Disposal
  • Secure data uploads for immediate access

Manage solid waste programs:

  • Gain Management Support
  • Gain Employee Support
  • Choose a Program Coordinator
  • Conduct a Waste Assessment
  • Reduce Trash
  • Build a  Recycling Program
  • Purchase Environmentally Preferred Products
  • Track Program Successes
  • Keep Employees Informed and Involved
  • Get Recognition
  • Share Program Reports and Results with Others

WasteFinder™ makes it easy to manage hazardous and solid waste.


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